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CAALS-sponsored panels at ALA 2022

American Literature Association (ALA) Annual Conference
Chicago, IL

Please support these exciting CAALS sponsored panels at the American Literature Association conference this year. All panels and events are on Friday, May 27th.

Session 7-F: 8:30am (Salon 7): “Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictée at 40.”
Michele Janette, Xinyi Wei, and Jennifer Gayoung Lee. Rei Magosaki (Chair)

Session 8-F: 10:00am (Salon 7): “Critical Approaches to Asian American Literary Studies” 
Joseph Wei, Karen Siu, William (Bill) Mohr, and Sheng-mei Ma. Timothy K. August (Chair)

Session 10-F: 1:00pm (Salon 7): Book Talk: “Diasporic Poetics: Asian Writing in Canada, US, and Australia”
Timothy Yu. Timothy K. August (respondent/interviewer)

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