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CAALS-sponsored panels at AAAS 2022

AAAS 2022
April 14-16, 2022 in Denver, CO

Please support these exciting CAALS sponsored panels at AAAS this year. Both panels are on Thursday, April 14 at 8:15-9:45am.

T4: Asian American Literature and the “American West” (Denver 2)
     Patricia Chu (chair and panelist), Alex Howerton, Susan Thananopavarn, Annabelle Tseng
     (Organized by Julia H. Lee)

T9: Asian American Renewals: Possibilities for a Sustainable Future (Mattie Silks)
     Krupal Amin (Chair): Jonathan Hsy, Irene Kim, Sandra Kim, Laura Wright
     (Organized by Krupal Amin)

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