1996: 6th Annual ALA Conference

Sixth Annual ALA conference at the Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego, CA, May 30 – June 2, 1996

We were still only allotted a single session, but at least it was the standard 80-minute variety:

“Fictional Autobiographies” and the Creation of Ethnic Selves
The Circle for Asian American Literary Studies
Chair: Keith Lawrence, Brigham Young University

1. “Race, Class, and Sexuality in Winifred Eaton’s Me: A Book of Remembrance”
Linda Trinh Moser, University of California, Davis

2. “Ethnic Self-Fashioning in Younghill Kang’s East Goes West”
Alice M. Scharper, University of California, Davis

3. “Assimilation and Dissimilation in Gus Lee’s China Boy”
Maurie McCullen, University of the Pacific


The following 1996 ALA conference session was not sponsored by CAALS, but was attended by the same group of conference participants, and presenters at the session were early CAALS members:

Asian American Literature: Learning through Teaching
Chair: Carl Selkin, California State University, Los Angeles

1. “Finding a Place: Teaching Asian American Literature”
Leila S. Philip, Colgate University

2. “Notes of a Hakujin in the Heartland”
Gordon O. Taylor, University of Tulsa

3. “Revision-ing ‘the East,’ Inscribing Asian America in ‘the West'”
Henry Kim, San Diego State University

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