2006: 17th Annual ALA Conference

17th Annual ALA Conference 2006 at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, California

Session 1-E — Beyond Multiculturalism (Pacific Concourse L)
Organized by The Circle for Asian American Literary Studies (CAALS) and the Society for Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States (MELUS)
Chair: Jeffrey F.L. Partridge, Capital Community College

1. “Multiculturalism to Cosmopolitanism: A New Approach to Diversity”
Sandy Hartwiger, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

2. “Return from the Beyond”
Michael Borgstrom, San Diego State University

3. “(How) Can Feminism Be Good for Multiculturalism?”
Marilyn Edelstein, Santa Clara University

4. “Postethnicity as Groundless Solidarity”
Christian Schmidt, Erlangen University, Germany


Session 4-G — American Multiculturalism and the Literatures of Asian Diaspora (Pacific Concourse L)
Organized by the Circle for Asian American Literary Study
Chair: Jeffrey Partridge, Capital Community College

1. “Critical Multiculturalism and Asian Americanist Critique”
Caroline H. Yang, University of Washington

2. “Producing Multiculturalism and Writing Transnationalism in Russell Leong’s Phoenix Eyes”
Walter S. H. Lim, National University of Singapore

3. “‘Writing a new book of the land’: The multivalent multiculturalism of Native Speaker”
Arnold Pan, University of California, Irvine

4. “An Indian man in New York: Testing the postcolonial vulgate against American multiculturalism”
Cécile Léonard, Université de Paris 7, France


Session 17-H — Early Asian American Subgenres: Roundtable (Pacific Concourse L)
Organized by the Circle for Asian American Literary Study
Chair: Hsuan L. Hsu, Yale University

1. “United States v. Wong Kim Ark and Asian-American Literary Form”
Hoang Phan, State University of New York, Albany

2. “What is Asian American Realism?”
Colleen Lye, University of California, Berkeley

3. “Dosan Ahn Chang Ho’s Exilic Korean Nationalism”
Christine Hong, University of California, Berkeley

4. “The Four Immigrants Manga and the Making of Japanese Americans”
Mayumi Takada, Oberlin College

5. “Traveling Genres: Filipino Prose, American Poetry”
Timothy Yu, University of Toronto


Session 21-H — The Racial Masquerade: Representational Passings of Asian/Americans (Pacific Concourse L)
Organized by the Circle for Asian American Literary Study
Chair/Respondent: Rebecca Walsh, Duke University

1. “Biracial Biways: Passing through Asia in Paisley’s Rekdal’s The Night My Mother Met Bruce Lee”
Jennifer Ann Ho, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

2. “Yellowface Minstrelsy in Pearl Buck’s A Chinese Woman Speaks”
Liam Corley, Cal Poly Pomona

3. “Productive Hybridities at the Boundaries of Asian American and Chicano Identity”
Stephen Hong Sohn, University of California, Santa Barbara

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