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Join our Facebook group to engage with a diverse community about Asian American literature, culture, and arts. The group includes many writers, students, and teachers of Asian American literature and is a great place to learn about new writers and artists.

If you’re a scholar or teacher of Asian American literature, please join our professional network. Email us to be added to our Google group (our email list). Event notices, calls for papers/submissions, other opportunities, and occasional discussion questions are circulated there.

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If you’d like to engage with us more actively, become a member! Membership in the Circle for Asian American Literary Studies (CAALS) is open to all scholars, writers, teachers, and students of Asian American literature. We strive to provide a friendly professional community, scholarly opportunities, and mentorship. We especially welcome graduate students, untenured scholars, scholars working at teaching-intensive institutions or in alt-ac roles, women-of-color scholars, and others from marginalized backgrounds.

Participants in any CAALS-sponsored panel must be a current member. The membership year runs from May 1 to April 30. Please use the button below or send money via PayPal to caalsfinances [at] Then, please follow up by emailing us to introduce yourself!

Annual Membership Dues:*
$10: full-time faculty and administrators
$5: students, adjunct faculty, independent scholars, and community members

*Annual membership dues will increase in 2021–2022 to $20 for full-time faculty and administrators. Dues for others will remain the same at $5.

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You can also donate any amount to help support the mission and activities of CAALS. Please note that donations are not currently tax-deductible.