This organization shall be called the Circle for Asian American Literary Studies (CAALS). Its newsletter (when established) shall be called the CAALS Newsletter. Its journal (when and if established) shall be called Asian American Literary Studies.


CAALS has been established to encourage dialogue among scholars of Asian American literature through initiating and coordinating scholarly conferences, publications, programs and projects devoted specifically to Asian American literary studies (as distinguished from other components of Asian American studies). The purpose of CAALS is not to compete with organizations already established in Asian American studies including the Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) and the Asian American Studies group associated with the MLA. Many members of CAALS maintain concurrent memberships in one or more Asian American studies organizations. Instead, the purpose of CAALS is to bring together scholars with a focused and primary interest in Asian American literary studies.


The elected officers of CAALS shall be a president and a vice-president (president-elect). As a need arises, a secretary-treasurer may be instituted. Each office shall carry a three-year term. Open elections for the position of vice-president shall be held every three years. When the newly-elected vice-president assumes his/her post, the previous vice-president becomes president. Thus, a newly-elected vice-president shall expect to give six years of service as a CAALS officer. The president and vice-president, together with all officers or assistants which they may appoint, shall constitute the Executive Committee of CAALS.

Appointed officers of the Executive Committee shall include the webmaster of the CAALS website, the editor of the CAALS Newsletter (when it is established) and the editor of the CAALS journal (when and if it is established), Asian American Literary Studies, and any other officers or assistants deemed necessary by the president and vice-president. They shall be appointed by the unanimous decision of the president and vice-president. These officers constitute the CAALS Executive Committee. Any or all of the elected officers may serve on the editorial advisory boards of the newsletter and journal at the pleasure of their respective editorial boards. All officers must be CAALS members in good standing.


CAALS officers shall compile an annual written report of CAALS activities for the CAALS spring meeting conducted in association with the annual spring conference of the American Literature Association (ALA).

The president shall preside at all official CAALS business meetings, including Executive Committee and Advisory Board meetings, and shall appoint other CAALS committees in consultation with the Executive Committee. The president shall chair the membership committee. The vice-president shall perform presidential duties in the president’s absence and shall serve as the chair of the program committee. The vice-president shall become president at the completion of the president’s term, and so shall also be designated president-elect.

If instituted at a future point, the secretary-treasurer shall have custody of all CAALS funds, discharging legitimate CAALS debts, presenting annual financial reports to the Executive Committee, and assisting the president in keeping an accurate record of CAALS memberships. The secretary-treasurer shall keep minutes of CAALS meetings, including meetings of the Executive Committee, and prepare meeting agendas. If the office of secretary-treasurer is instituted, the secretary-treasurer shall be chosen through open election; and the secretary-treasurer shall automatically become vice-president at the completion of the vice-president’s term. Until such time, all duties listed herein as those of the secretary-treasurer shall be filled by existing members of the Executive Council; such duties shall be assigned by the president.

Together, the newsletter and journal editors shall co-chair the CAALS editorial board and shall be responsible for the newsletter and journal publication. They shall appoint necessary editorial personnel for their respective publications.

The Executive Committee shall coordinate all CAALS activities, including its nomination and election of officers, its membership development, its newsletter publication, and its affiliations with other scholarly organizations.


The CAALS Executive Committee shall be chaired by the president and shall normally meet once yearly in connection with the ALA Spring Conference. Other meetings may be convened as necessary with the advance notice of all committee members of at least 60 days. The Executive Committee shall approve all CAALS plans, programs, and projects; raise CAALS funds; plan and initiate CAALS policies and procedures; and supervise all expenditures and disbursements.


CAALS may, at the discretion of its Executive Committee, organize an Advisory Board comprised of three to six CAALS members. Advisory Board members shall be nominated by the president and sustained by the Executive Committee. The Advisory Board shall assist the Executive Committee in program planning and coordination, in editorial responsibilities, and in membership recruitment. It shall meet with the Executive Committee at its annual spring meeting; it may be consulted by members of the Executive Committee throughout the year. Its members shall serve terms of not less than three and not more than five years.

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