The Circle for Asian American Literary Studies (CAALS) was organized in 1995 as one of sixty-seven literary societies sponsoring the American Literature Association. Like the ALA itself, CAALS encourages dialogue among all scholars, regardless of political views, theoretical allegiances, or social/academic alignments. And like the ALA, CAALS prides itself in maintaining an environment where honest, open, and non-threatening discussion can occur.

The Circle for Asian American Literary Studies does not seek to compete with the Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) or with the Modern Language Association discussion group in Asian American Studies. Instead, the Circle wishes to provide scholars of Asian American literature an arena for focused discussion of Asian American authors and texts and of relevant literary and cultural theory. Overt activism is not part of the Circle’s agenda. CAALS does not condone the exclusion or marginalization of any Asian American writers, texts, or genres; on the contrary, the Circle champions discussions of and encourages scholarly attention to all of Asian American literature. Our desire is to stimulate both scholarly and popular interest in Asian American writers, to help introduce a broader audience to the richness, power and diversity of Asian American literary texts.

Please see the “Officers and Executive Board” link in the sidebar for contact information.

The CAALS logo is designed by Christopher Estep.

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